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Mood Tonic

Mood Tonic

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50 ml | 1.70 fl oz

A self-care tonic with herbs known to be nature’s antidepressant and nervous system healers. If used daily it will help to elevate the mood, facilitating mental focus and clarity keeping you calm under pressure.

Take anytime you feel you need a lift of spirit, that stress is rising or your mind is foggy.

Wild Rose: known to enter our system and helping dissolving stress and anxiety, calming our senses and helping us feel more centered

Chamomile: daisy-like flower marvellous to calm anxiety and settle gastrointestinal upset realising inflammatory diseases

Dandelion: flower known for being beneficial to the liver. It’s hepatoprotective - supporting a healthy release of bile

Lavender: purple flower used to ease restlessness, insomnia, depression and pain

Wild Oats: provides nourishment, vitamins and minerals soothing and strengthening nerves.

Ingredients:Wild Rose*, Chamomile*, Dandelion*, Lavender*, Wild Oats*, Lemurian Seed Crystal & Summer Solstice infused in a base of brandy. 

Suggested Use: Shake well before use. With Intention add one dropper full to water.  10-30 drops 2-3 times daily. Take consistently for best results.

*Only Sustainably Harvested, Organic Ingredients and or wild crafted. / Handcrafted and Sustainable

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